Members of our team have achieved:

    • Hundreds of millions USD in additional profit
    • Thousands of trained professionals, improvers, innovators
    • Hundreds of improved operations and processes implemented improvements
    • Hundreds of successful projects
    • Dozens of leaders who reached the top leadership positions

    Current projects (examples):

    Improvement of management system and transition to split service in PJSC “Tatneft”

    We grew the local team of performance improvers, who already increased the average commercial speed of drilling by more than a sixth and reduced non-productive time by more than a third.

    “Success for everyone”

    We are continuing implementation of a project “Success for everyone” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The project engaged hundreds of people, primarily young adults. The project purpose: help people become successful with help of our management and improvement methodologies, while affecting dozens of Toronto organizations.
    The project has already been recognized with the award “Prestige Toronto 2015”, certificate of award from John Tory, mayor of Toronto and certificate of recognition from a member of Canadian parliament.