Global Performance Improvement Inc.

Global Performance Improvement Inc. is a team of professionals that helps your business achieve business goals.

Our methodologies have already proven their effectiveness in oil and gas and mining industries, in manufacturing and community settings.

Our principles are:

deserved trust
development of local teams
improvement of processes and systems
joint success

Our Values

We believe that in successful organizations people want to perform their jobs well.
It means that we:

see the best in people
involve them in decision-making
support their ideas
invest resources in their development

Our Mission

We want to live in a world where everyone is successful, in a world filled with “Improvers”.

“Improver” is a person who improves himself to improve the world: systems, processes, interactions, people, etc.

The main goal of our work is the 
success of our client!

We achieve the best results by engaging key process participants to collaborate right in the production environment

We collaborate with leaders, committed to:

self-development, development of their organization and region
implement best organizational practices
initiate the development of an effective corporate culture


We believe that

every employee is a part of joint success, so it is important to reveal their potential
best motivation is the significance of personal contribution in a transparent system
organizational management principles are not industry dependant. However, these principles can not be applied mechanically, they must be adapted to the specifics of environment and people